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What I’ve Learned Monthly: March 2016

March of 2016 held m full takeover for student teaching and the Clemson job fair and spring break! It was busy and exhilarating, which is how I like life to be. My family took a spring break trip together to New York which was the grandest of adventures.

What I Learned: March 2016

1. The best way to get better at something is by doing it – running, writing, teaching, etc. Studying and preparing is good, but really the best way is to jump in and do the thing.

2. Treat your kids like people – not like grown-ups, but like people. When you’re wrong, apologize to them and actually use the words: “I’m sorry,” because that’s how you should apologize to all people. 

3. It’s more ideal to be a little under-hydrated and get quality sleep than to be quite hydrated but be getting up to pee all night long.

4. Logistics are supremely underrated. Getting places and talking to people you don’t know and planning things is hard and does not happen easily or naturally. Things very rarely fall into place.

5. The most glamorous part of teaching is not actually teaching – it’s talking about it. I felt so accomplished and professional while I was applying and interviewing for jobs because I got to use teaching jargon and talk about all the things I was doing well – but once I got back to school, I felt like a civil servant again. Analyzing it makes it seem exciting and considerate, but doing it feels hectic and creative and exhausting.


6. It’s not really possible to eat a cheese stick gracefully. That’s okay.

7. As the week goes on, it gets harder and harder to get 8 hours of sleep at night. There’s too much to do and no free time so less sleep happens.





Life is worth living because Jesus chose to save me. I like being awake. Once I was Kim Kardashian for Halloween. I hope to incorporate writing into my adult life one day.

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