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What I Learned Monthly: April 2016

April of last year was a blur. I finished student teaching and emotionally started to prepare to be finished with college forever. I got a job offer (for the job that I now have!).

As I was reading through what I learned during this month, it seemed like I wrote them down just the other day. I had to check to make sure they were really written down a whole year ago, and they were – so this just goes to further show how true #5 is.

What I Learned: April 2016

  1. Domestic isn’t a relational adjective.
    • This was a hard thing to learn. A boy told me like a year prior to this that he and “all the guys” had been talking and they’d decided that I would make a great wife someday. I was a little flattered and a little creeped out, and then I started to put this pressure on myself to be married so that I could be this “great wife.” But what I learned was that the qualities that can be found in a wife can be useful in more than just marriage. And I was reminded that boys are weird.
  2. God must be glorified in all things, not just the things He gives you once you’re settled down and ready for them, or the things that you wanted or asked for. He must be glorified even when you just want to huff at Him impatiently, like when you are waiting for a job but don’t have one yet.
  3. Leave early for job interviews. It’s better to sit in a gas station across the street for 50 minutes before it starts than to roll in late. And, it’s better for the interviewers to be running late than you.
  4. If you use/engage it, it will get stronger. This is true for your pinkie finger, imagination, sinful impulses/temptations, writing, among many more things.
  5. A year is not nearly as long as childhood left you believing it is.


6. Follow grandmother advice. Don’t touch door handles after you wash your hands.

7. Don’t underestimate the efficacy and value of a nice white shirt. It can go a long way.





Life is worth living because Jesus chose to save me. I like being awake. Once I was Kim Kardashian for Halloween. I hope to incorporate writing into my adult life one day.

3 thoughts on “What I Learned Monthly: April 2016

  1. (I super duper don’t want to be annoying and love these lovely tidbits, but unfortunately I’m OCD (not really, just like I notice things that are out of place), and I imagine you’d like to know, so I have to say that you accidentally named the list April 2017 instead of 2016, in the middle of the post, right before the start of the list, after the introduction.)


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